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Cinepocket is the playground for a new generation of mobile filmmakers

Vogue Uomo - US Edition

Launched in 2006, Cinepocket has been one of the first festivals to be launched, internationally, in the field of videos made exclusively with a phone. 

Technologically innovative and widely-available, the phone that we always have within reach offers the possibility to make quality films with limited resources. 

Open to everyone (artists, students, citizens, bloggers, video makers, amateurs or professionals), Cinepocket is a privileged means of expression for a new generation of "storytellers" who become free from many limitations: funding, means for dissemination, shooting conditions, editing.

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Splitscreen - A Love Story (2011)
This Moment (2016)
Tak (2010)
Amnesia (2016)
Complètement scotchée (2010)
Feliciano (2014)
My Nokia Experience (2011)
Rollcalli (2015)
Speed Dating (2012)
Domino (2007)
Colourful EU (2008)
Framed (2011)
Into the wild (2012)
Lili et Pierrot (2008)
Un dimanche à papa (2014)

Funny, captivating, poetic, unclassifiable : discover

a world of pocket films 


Inspired by the discovery of new talents and new forms of storytelling, we benefit from the support of media, cultural institutions, brands, schools, film festivals in Belgium and abroad as well as personalities from various disciplines (cinema, media, arts, journalism, ...).

Thanks to them, we have the opportunity to explore editorial projects and to meet different audiences.

Through the years, personalities such as Jaco Van Dormael, Axelle Red, Baloji, Jimmy Labeeu, Charlie Dupont, Nabil Ben Yadir, the members of Puggy, Airnadettes, Rip Hopkins, Jan Fabre, Noël Godin, Gui-Home, Jimmy Labeeu and Chantal Ackerman did us the honor of taking part in our activities.


Through our activities (screenings, competitions, workshops, exhibitions, trainings, ...), we want to give a chance to all talents to express themselves, to win prizes, to learn and to benefit from unique broadcasting opportunities: on TV, in the cinema, online or on the occasion of leading cultural events.


For more than 10 years, we have organized more than 50 events dedicated to mobile films, of all formats, in cinemas, museums, schools, art galleries, festivals or in the subway, on TV, on the web or in the street. The pocket cinema is a nomadic cinema, accessible to all, at every moment and anywhere.


They trusted us, we thank them

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