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Creating video ads on the iPhone: fad or future?

Shot on an iPhone, seen on the big screen.

Film directors and advertising producers are starting to use Apple's popular iPhone to shoot movies, TV shows and commercial advertisements. The recent Sundance festival film entry Tangerine was shot entirely on an iPhone, as was an episode of TV's Modern Family. Now comes a new ad for Bentley cars, shot entirely on an iPhone, as well as online spots for Frye Boots and champagne maker Veuve Clicquot.

Directors say they love the portability and the fact that the smartphone is, ultimately, a versatile, portable computer.

"I booked my flights on Kayak, did Skype pre-production calls and put the same device on a tripod and shot my entire film," says Austin Reza, the director of the Bentley ads. "That's special. No other camera can do that." Read more

Photo: Jefferson Graham (in USA Today)

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