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The World Is Weeping Over the Beauty of This Video Shot on an iPhone 6S

The iPhone 6S video camera is so good, it will make just about anything like a groundbreaking art film. So says a new ad about a tween girl who leverages her high-definition smartphone camera into a career as an award-winning auteur ... by filming a clip of her mother chopping a red onion.

In the ad's fantasy narrative, footage of the everyday cooking prep proves so beautiful, the entire world loses its mind over it. The video goes breathlessly viral, and agents scramble to sign the young filmmaker. Ultimately, she finds herself called up to the podium at an industry gala to accept a trophy from the host of everything, Neil Patrick Harris (of course).

It's a fun spot, and a solid strategy. The tech giant has already demonstrated the iPhone 6's photographic prowess when it turned users' snapshots into giant, crystal-clear billboards; it makes sense to follow that by touting the film capabilities of the upgraded model.

iPhone 6s Ad

Video credits: ©Apple

Agency: TBWA\Media Arts Lab

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